Tarologist and  therapist in energy care, I am a specialist in human skills and non-verbal language.

Image by Susanna Marsiglia


By my benevolence and my magic, 

I transmit a little light to the people I meet. 

To me,  there is no chance, there are only beautiful encounters. 

And if you read this message, it means that you are part of  of these beautiful souls who shine and who allow us to move forward on this path.



Thank you very much for your draw. It did me a lot of good to hear your sweet voice with this good news. I liked the fact that you explain everything in detail and explain the maps. It calmed me down and gave me hope for the future! Thank you for your time and for your donation!

Everything is going as you told me!   the   return   like   you   you told me, the excuses,
the rapprochement, the visuals and finally the concrete discussions.
I no longer believed in his return although I  had other feedback for you.  The sale and the purchase took place.

I had to re-read twice, the first time I felt the tears well up as soon as I read, but it really enlightened me on the situation and I thought I had blockages that I've probably been dragging around for a while.  I would like to take a session for an energy treatment.

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